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Sometimes I Am My Own Worst Enemy

More on worlds colliding in a bit. But first, let me entertain you with a story about Saturday night, when Marci, Buggie and I met at a country bar in Alexandria. (Careful, if you click that link it plays music even too redneck for ME!) We tried to make it to the 8:00 line dancing […]

It’s Just Lunch Recap

I’m going to post a running review of my “friends” at It’s Just Lunch. I’ve had this in my Drafts for many months, but for other reasons that I can’t get into right now, I need to put this review up. Each time there’s a new date or more communication, I plan on appending this […]


But first, two tidbits for you all. 1) Picture it. Tonight. Velvet walking dogs through the zone of bars, hopping with people drinking on patios. Velvet in sweatpants. Hair in ponytail. Rain making hair frizzy. Velvet sees the Bartender. Bartender looks very hot. Nice. Could I have looked any worse? 2) Velvet got a text […]

2005 ~ The Year in Review

I can’t take credit for this idea. One of my favorite bloggers utilized this end of year wrap up in her blog last year. January – Started the new year off right. The morning of January 1, I left a guy’s house who I was sort of dating for almost a year, and despite how […]

No One Else Can Feel It For You

Look what showed up in my fake email inbox today: Hello, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join a brand new group, if you qualify. This is group formed primarily for people on craigslist personals as well as other online personals sites, who have often been frustrated and found it a […]

Cold Blood Is All You Bleed

Since I haven’t been returning his messages, I haven’t given The Bartender a chance to respond to my post on Saturday. I fully respect everyone’s First Amendment Rights, and it is only fair to let him speak, which he will now do via an email I received. Hopefully he doesn’t mind. It’s been a few […]

Pretty Eyed Pirate Smile

You know, I’ve had that line on my list as a possible title, and I thought I would never get to use it. Whouda thunk I would end up with a crooked smile? First, a disclaimer. The “resignation letter” was supposed to be “tongue-in-cheek.” AH HA HA HA! I kill myself. Tongue in cheek. So […]

It’s All The Same In The End

First, a complaint. I saw an old woman throw her gum on the street today. That gum will end up on someone’s shoe, virtually impossible to remove. Just because you are old, doesn’t mean you can litter. I wish I could tie that gum a la Crazy Girl City’s post about six degrees, as it […]

I Know I’m Diving Into My Own Destruction

First and most important, I’m honored for the mention of this blog. Blushing, I thank you, KOB, from the bottom of my heart. On to business. Darren wrote back. Well, sorry to have offended you, but you obviously need to get your mind out of the gutter and re-read what I said. The “or […]

It Was Only a Kiss, It Was Only a Kiss

Ok. Rewind to blogger meeting last Wednesday. It wasn’t just a kiss. Well, it was, but now we had a date today. There have been phone calls and some really hilarious text messages. Past performance in dating does not guarantee future results in dating. I shouldn’t have been so quick to say “I swapped spit […]

What Song Is That Line From?

A Code to the Quoted 07/06/10 Voulez Vous – ABBA 07/01/10 Couldn’t Get it Right – Climax Blues Band 06/30/10 N/A 06/28/10 Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffet 06/14/10 N/A 06/02/10 Looking for Love – Johnny Lee 05/27/10 Talk to Me – Stevie Nicks 05/11/10 N/A 05/02/10 N/A 04/28/10 Whatever it is – Zac Brown Band 04/25/10 […]

Fabulously Quotable Velvet

This is a compilation of my best conclusions, quotes and deep thoughts. The date of June 14, 2005 is irrelevant, as this post is updated frequently and linked to through the Quotable Velvet Link. “Ok, I’m no supermodel, but, hello? Don’t you know that you and I are in different leagues?” I have no idea […]

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