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Help I’m Stepping Into the Twilight Zone

Has something ever happened to you that is just so weird that you can’t believe it happened even though you were there for the whole thing?
Yeah. That.
In 1998, I was working at this company in Connecticut that designed labels for private label foods. So if you bought “Safeway brand canned Green Beans” then we would [...]

Still the Same

Attention deficit disordered post coming your way tonight.
Lily Update:
OMG OMG OMG. By some stroke of luck (or fate, since neither Lily nor I believe in “God”) she has a major lead on something that just might get her the hell out of the Vortex. I don’t want to say too much for fear of the [...]

Do the Chairs in Your Parlor Seem Empty and Bare?

X and I took Number 1 and Number 2 out to the beach this weekend. Never ones to let teenage kids get in the way of our planned activities, X and I really redefined good-parenting when we took the kids to a bar. “Zzzlong as the youngins keep four feet from the bar, I reckon [...]

I Read the News Today Oh Boy Part 3

X and I are running through the last weekends of our summer by going to the beach as much as possible. I do love that newspaper so much. When I wake up around 9:30, and X is returning home with bagels and the Cape Gazette, I’m giddy with excitement. Because I know, inside that cover, [...]

You’re the Sun Who Makes Me Shine

X: I forgot to tell you! I had a dream about you last night!
V: Really? Was it about how you and #2 took my car to the car wash one afternoon and I stayed home and masturbated?
X: No. It was about…wait… Did you just do that while I was out washing your car?
V: Yes.
X: We [...]

I Couldn’t Care About Anything But You

As expected, X and I were at the beach this past weekend. We were sitting at a bar when the news of Steve McNair came out. All the first news clip said was “found shot alongside a woman.” I said to X, chick killed him, then killed herself. Typical. Couldn’t get what she wanted so [...]

I Read the News Today Oh Boy Part 2

It’s your favorite! Time to rip apart the local yocal beach paper from Delaware. It was a little harder this time to get the images off their website. X is convinced they are on to me. But I prevailed! I used a scanner! In some pictures I even underlined the parts of the items in [...]

And Then (We’ll) Settle Down, There’s a Quiet Little Town, And Forget About Everything

The Love of My Life and the two furry loves of my life went to the beach this weekend. (Do I have to clarify that I mean Sammy and Thora? Because I know how your minds might think that two furry loves of my life are, well, something else.) In case you missed it, this [...]

I Read the News Today Oh Boy

I’m not sure whose stupid idea it was to not get cable (mine) but the beach house of one Velvet and Mr. X hurts for some quality entertainment. Wait. That implies there’s no sex. That’s not true. We don’t hurt for x-rated entertainment of the self-made variety. But once that’s done, we’re relegated to our [...]