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Hit Me Baby One More Time

I had lunch with a friend the other day who is enduring the same baby-making road that I am. In the email exchange where we were setting up our plan to meet and eat, she said something to the effect of how it’s nice to just talk to someone who doesn’t say the wrong things.
Oh, [...]

Fertility Clinics Are Big Business - Part Two

4 IVF Cycles
105 Shots
2.5 years
Zero babies
X and I spent all night debating all the finer points of IVF and everything we’ve learned. While I love Shady Grove, and will continue to recommend them to anyone who asks, I have found their downside. It’s not just theirs, but that of many other clinics, and why all [...]

Washington Fertility Center vs. Shady Grove Fertility

Warning: This post is incredibly detailed with medical jargon you may find coma-inducing.You don’t have to read it all…I bolded the important parts. Mostly I want to solidify its place in the event I can help some poor woman in the future.
In most cases, I love it when something I didn’t understand finally makes itself [...]

Here Comes the Sun

Uggh. I can’t believe I’ve neglected the poor Velvet blog for this long. Actually, I’ve neglected all my writing endeavors, save a few cryptic notes on my feelings about a long standing family drama that’s come to a head.
X and I have had a very busy summer. There have been work and vacations. We wrote [...]

The Hopeful Beginning of Sweet Sweet Justice

X and I had a fight of epic proportions with Dominion Fertility and Dr. Dimattina as a result of Catheter-gate. It seems that they take no responsibility or show no remorse for forcing a catheter in me against my will for something that was not a life or death matter. As a patient in America, I [...]

Fertility Clinics are Big Business

Dominion called me on Friday. I saw the number on my phone and wondered wtf could they want. Insurance info. I don’t know why as most insurance has no coverage for IVF, mine included. She said she wanted to check as they may cover the pregnancy test next week and blah blah. I’m on an [...]

Having a Baby is Impossible - Part 2

I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts, comments and well wishes. Because the blog reposts to my Facebook, I had the chance to catch up with people who I haven’t chatted with in years, when the post was plastered on my wall.
What is amazing is how many people I know have been touched by fertility issues. It [...]

Having a Baby Is Impossible

X made me promise not to talk about this, but unfortunately, I’ve reached the end of the line and I need to get it out.
Those of you who can get pregnant the normal way should thank your lucky stars. X had a vasectomy when he was married to the beast and two years ago we [...]