“The paradox of true artistry is that it makes the very difficult appear instinctive and easy. That’s why art is so compelling. Because the finished work is so dazzling that it demands a leap of imagination to picture the struggle that’s gone into it’s conception…modern culture, with its prurient demands for increasingly intimate revelations, has its perils. And sensing these from early on, Sade has tried simply to remain true to herself by only doing interviews and only making music when she has something to say.” ~ Sade

Velvet in Dupont was born at a time in my life where I had many late night dates and mornings of sleeping in. My girlfriends all wanted 9 a.m. updates on my social life and I was wholly unprepared to deliver those before my first three glasses of Crystal Light or Diet Pepsi. When I came home at night, I updated the blog, and when I woke up everyone already knew my story.

“Stories only happen to people who can tell them.” ~ Allan Gurganus

Dating in D.C. for five years and blogging about it for two proved to be disastrous all around. In the end, I decided to take the blog down because it became a means of communication with people too close to me who should have asked me directly. The value is in the anonymity between both the writer and the readers, for it allows a truly uncensored version that is worth much more than something edited.

velvetindupont @ yahoo.com

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