The last few weeks have been an exercise in testing how much money we can save. I’m at the driver’s seat and X is (unwillingly at times) along for the ride. I usually make very constructive New Year’s Resolutions and I slacked off in 2009 and 2010. For our New Year’s resolutions this year, we I decided and forced X to agree that we have to cut our restaurant spending.  All the eating out (heh, I said eat out) is admittedly mostly my fault. The irony here is that I don’t even think DC has many good restaurants. I can count the places on one hand which we frequent.

Our weekly limit of out-of-house eating is now $20. We’re off to a good start. I made a spreadsheet with each week of the year and hung it on the refrigerator. The week starts over on Saturdays and we have to log everything we eat out of the house. This is painful, but an incredible solution for us as it has forced us to really think about things we want to buy. I would own stock in Big Gulps if I could, but knowing that buying one will take 10% of my budget, I’ve passed up many 7-11’s since January 1st.

Saving money has become more contagious for me than that stupid flu that’s going around. I have amassed the McDonald’s coupon books which have a free 32 ounce beverage coupon in them. I’m all over those deals like a Kardashian on an endorsement deal.  The other night, I found this website and started clicking links and downloading coupons. I seriously cannot figure out how some women can go to the grocery store, get $600 of groceries and walk out paying $5. The coupon thing only really works if you have space to stockpile food because you have to buy it when it goes on sale and with a coupon. We of course, don’t have any storage space so we can’t do this. But I’m one home-out-in-the-suburbs away from being a full blown coupon addict with a garage that looks like Food Lion.

Yesterday I had my first major score with the Velvet Family Favorite:


We are all obsessed with the Seasonal cookies Pillsbury puts out every holiday. Sammy especially loves these cookies. Since he was a puppy, he knew when I would pull the dough out of the refrigerator and would stalk the kitchen and demand he get his fair share dozen.


There is a coupon online for $1.00 (page 3) off two of these packs of cookies, and Safeway just marked the Christmas cookies from $3.00 down to 75 cents. So you can get two for $1.50 and then use the $1.00 coupon and pay 25 cents each! That’s a 92% savings! Cha-ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are just squealing in delight at this secret revelation.