It’s been an interesting and busy week and month for X and I. We’re finally consolidating households, we’re making plans for the hellidays, we’re dealing with two teenagers who are totally opposite of not only each other but of either X or I when we were teenagers and we’re still working on career and NY plans.

But, we were offered a nice treat to go check out a movie before it is released the day before Thanksgiving. We saw a commercial for Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. On a normal day, I really can’t stand Anne Hathaway and doubly can’t stand a romantic comedy, but the commercial looked funny enough that I considered going to see it. I wasn’t sure I would go see it with X, but he was a good sport when we got the opportunity.  I was pretty surprised to see the plot turn where it did, only because we expected a Romantic Comedy and what we really got was a testament on the evils of the pharmaceutical industry disguised as a love story. There’s nothing I love more than information on the pharmaceutical giants.

Time for a Peter Griffin Flashback. Twelve years ago I was living in Atlanta. I was having trouble sleeping and went to a doctor I found in my handy dandy insurance list. I sat in the waiting room with a bunch of good looking men and women, in suits and with suitcases. I was sort of wondering WTF was going on, did everyone in Atlanta dress up for the doctor and bring their luggage? I was whisked back to the room, explained my case, and handed a palette of Paxil. I went home, dialed up to our slow-as-molasses-at-32- degrees internet and found out it was for depression. Huh? The pills were free so I started taking them. They made me manic and nutty, like I wanted to go out and party. My then boyfriend, Atlanta Boy, and I became interested in this business of drugs and the hows and whys and all that stuff.

Then some of my friends started to fall victim to the lure and became pharmaceutical reps. I heard bits and pieces of stories of traveling a lot, hotel rooms, free pens and such, but I never knew how bad it was. And you know what? They never really wanted to talk that much about it. I think I know why now.

Love and Other Drugs hits this industry hard. It takes no prisoners as it puts on display one of the most well known drug giants and slams them from one end to the other.  I think my jaw was on the floor at some of the crap I saw. And it only reinforced some personal issues for X and I: Never ever let a doctor make any life altering decisions for you. Wow.

I can’t post a ton about the plot and such, but I will say the love story part, while it competes for center stage, pales in comparison to the Pharmaceutical story. It’s also pretty cliche, with one scene almost mirroring a scene in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” but with a bit of a twist.