Dear Washington DC OTR:

God damned you guys are sooooo smart. SO SMART! I am so impressed at your the braniac idea you had to send everyone in the District a letter for the Tax Amnesty saying that if they paid everything that was past due for their income or property taxes that all fees and penalties would be waived.

Call me crazy, but I always thought that the reason people paid their taxes or responsibly made deals to pay on a schedule was to avoid the exorbitant penalties that state and the federal government(s) levy. But this? This idea of telling everyone that not only can they pay their utilities late, and their credit cards late, and now their mortgages can be late, but the one be-all end-all behemoth of a mofo that you couldn’t avoid - Taxes, yes, those can be paid late too! And there’s no fee! So forgive me, but what incentive do I have to EVER pay my property or income taxes on time again? Looks like I have none. Neither do my neighbors. For, paying on time all these years, even in my times of joblessness, has managed to make me the moron. And everyone else gets out free. Again.

You gotta love this. The same assholes complaining about the economy going to shit are the same ones not paying their bills and making good on the tax amnesty.

Kiss My Ass

An Open Letter to Guardian Security:

Up yours. I am no longer paying you $32 a month for my alarm security system that I don’t use because I refuse to get a landline. Money is tight, and mama don’t feel like paying. So there. What are ya gonna do? Send me to collections? Please. Even the government isn’t sending people there, what makes YOU so special?


The 2010 Scofflaw
“Because Paying Bills is Optional!”